On the canal

On the canal

Fun on the water

Canoeing and kayaking

This is a turn up and have a go event, no pre booking but you will need to register when you arrive.


You will get wet taking part. The Canoes are open and quite stable, best in pairs but can take 3 or 4 smaller people. the kayaks are closed cockpits less stable so there is a higher chance of falling in.

We will provide you with a buoyancy aid. We suggest wearing shorts or leggings and synthetic tops such as a rash vest and polyester fleece plus an old pair of trainers or water shoes. Bring a change of clothes and a large towel or changing robe. There is a large accessible toilet in the hotel which may be used.

You need to be at least 7 years old. Under 18’s need to have permission from a parent or guardian. Our coaches are qualified and have a DBS certificate. You will be led by a coach in a group of up to 6 canoes or kayaks.

We would like to let as many people as we can take part. If there is a high demand we will issue tickets with a time and the sessions will be fast and short.